2020, walnut wood, dough, metal cart
The giant cookie project “Koek voor Ninove”, based on the tradition of cookie board cutting, was designed for Ninove’s “KRASJ5” biennial. To convey a local legend of the town Ninove the design and the recipe were made to symbolize the main two characters. The oversized cookie, in the  shape of a donkey with a carrot in its belly, is cut in small pieces presented to the public on a cart. Each visitor can take and eat a part of the bigger picture, transforming the image and absorbing the story.

For this project I collaborated with Bakkerij Koen De Boeck in Ninove (BE).

2020, oral publication, storytelling contract with librarians, line of salt
On the 20th of January I donated “Echo II: La Cloche” to the library of Sint Lucas Hogeschool Antwerpen.

A daily line of salt marks the entrance of the library. This line is linked to “Echo II: La Cloche”, an oral publication written especially for the library, offering an alternative history of the place. The story is told once to the librarians and is retold by them by heart to anybody who asks about the line of salt or the story itself. The librarians signed a contract stating that they will retell the story as accurately as possible and that they will pass it on to new librarians, keeping the story alive.

The library can be found at the Van Schoonbekestraat n° 143 in Antwerp and is open from Monday to Friday from 8.30 to 16.30. They are closed on holidays and during school vacations.

Sadly the project has ended due to unforeseen and practical changes, both local and global.


In his interdisciplinary practice, Ignace Cami (°1986, BE) takes folk culture as a starting point to make objects, sculptures, installations and writings. He thereby activates the contemporary meaning of local history.

Trained as a printmaker and sculptor, Cami started moving towards more active and social ways of distributing his projects. Each project creates a new platform for social interaction. By emphasizing familiarity in his own tender and playful way, he pushes the boundaries of performativity and storytelling.


He also ran the artist run CRYING space with Ward Zwart and is a part of collaborative projects like Haas & Gaai, Boris & Kitchenknife and Nestvlieders.

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