2021, clay, paper, pencils, sharpener, wood, audio
In “A Sense of Direction” the audience is invited to make rubbings (frottage) of small, clay plates spread across the space with the provided paper and pencils. The plates contain subtle pictographic representations of the chapters of a text, which  describes a story of singing clay that was dug up and collected by the artist, after getting wind of a rumour. The walls, painted with clay, mark the depth of the actual pit that was dug in order to find it. The sounds that can be heard throughout the space are recordings of the clay singing.


In his interdisciplinary practice, Ignace Cami (°1986, BE) takes folk culture as a starting point to make objects, sculptures, installations and writings. He thereby activates the contemporary meaning of local history.

Trained as a printmaker and sculptor, Cami started moving towards more active and social ways of distributing his projects. Each project creates a new platform for social interaction. By emphasizing familiarity in his own tender and playful way, he pushes the boundaries of performativity and storytelling.


He also ran the artist run CRYING space with Ward Zwart and is a part of collaborative projects like Haas & Gaai, Boris & Kitchenknife and Nestvlieders.

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