I am thrilled to tell you about my first museum solo exhibition ‘RE:ANKER’ on show at the IN SITU space of M HKA Antwerp from Saturday 13 May to Sunday 3 September. During the show Dellafaille provides us with fresh speculoos and a choir will perform on several occasions. Last but not least, on the last day of the show the installation ‘I’ll explain everything to the geese’ will be activated.

A list of all important dates and info:

Official opening: Saturday 10 June from 11h to 18h

Performance: Ignace Cami, RE: ANKER (2023)

Sunday 21 May, at 2 PM and at 4 PM (Antwerp Art Weekend)
Saturday 10 June, at 3 PM and at 4 PM (Official opening)
Saturday 5 August, at 8 PM and at 10 PM (Museumnacht)
Location: M HKA, ground floor IN SITU space

Ignace Cami’s new project of the same name, RE: ANKER (2023), comprising a newly formed choir. Three songs about Antwerp and its port are sung by a group of twelve singers that are new to the Dutch language. Individually writing their own lyrics through the act of listening, they phonetically transform the original words and sounds into something new and enigmatic. Cami initiated the collaborative singing performance RE: ANKER specifically for his solo exhibition of the same name at M HKA. Entwining the connective nature of singing with the alien experience of facing a foreign language, the transformative power of interpretation is harnessed.

RE: ANKER 7” vinyl record

Ignace Cami’s limited edition 7” vinyl record RE: ANKER will be launched at M HKA alongside the live performance on Sunday 21 May as part of Antwerp Art Weekend. The vinyl is available for purchase at the museum for €15.


Sunday 3 September, from 3 PM
Performance: Ignace Cami, I’ll explain everything to the geese (2022)
Performance: Ignace Cami, RE: ANKER (2023)

Location: M HKA, ground floor IN SITU space

I hope to see you there!


In his interdisciplinary practice, Ignace Cami (°1986, BE) takes folk culture as a starting point to make objects, sculptures, installations and writings. He thereby activates the contemporary meaning of local history.

Trained as a printmaker and sculptor, Cami started moving towards more active and social ways of distributing his projects. Each project creates a new platform for social interaction. By emphasizing familiarity in his own tender and playful way, he pushes the boundaries of performativity and storytelling.


He also ran the artist run CRYING space with Ward Zwart and is a part of collaborative projects like Haas & Gaai, Boris & Kitchenknife and Nestvlieders.

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